ZAUJATU JINNU ASHIQ complete hausa novel written by Ameerah Adam

 ZAUJATU JINNU ASHIQ complete hausa novel written by Ameerah Adam

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ZAUJATU JINNU ASHIQ complete hausa novel written by Ameerah Adam


You are proceeding to download a love and romantic MATAR YARO complete hausa novel written by Maman Hibbat released on 2022 just proceed with your download by following the below instruction.

Book Internal Info


In the name of Allah, most glorious, most merciful.

their God pls give me the ability to write correctly, and prevent me from writing the opposite


This book is written by Ameera Adam better known as Ameera Adam I do not create it to offend anyone, or even on the basis of anyone else’s life, this book is a fabrication out of nothing. Its my idea. Also the book is romantic hausa novel

If you see or experience something that interferes with your life or your life, then you have to be patience to me because all human beings are imperfect.


I Ameera Adam the author of this book, MATAR YARO complete hausa novel written by Maman Hibbat send thousands of greetings to all my fans, followers and reviewers of my books. Thank you so much for your courage and love for God.

Author’s word

Greetings to

You people are like family to me,You are the one’s start supporting me in anything i came with . God forsakes fellowship and love and affection



The copy right of this novel Zaujatu Jinnu Ashiq hausa novel, belong to only me Ameera Adam, I don’t agree to any one by any means to change, rewrite or manipulated my novel any way, let alone upload it on youtube without my permission. Doing so is a big mistake because it can cause a person trouble so be careful.

Book Introduction

The size and the weight of the belly on her body, as if she had been overturned, did not stop her from running to save her life. She is running away because of the evil spirits that she has dealt with, who are attacking her and grabbing the old belly that looks like it is going to burst.

Coming to the edge of a very dark weeping tree, she did not have the opportunity to crouch in panting, because she felt as if her back would split in two because of the pain, and her heart was constantly falling as if she was running fast in the middle of summer. On her back, she felt a kind of pain in her back that felt as if her body was being torn by sharp scissors. She slowly looked behind her to see the evil creature following her like a man’s shadow. It was the cries of babies that started to echo like a thunderbolt in your middle! She could hear the sound of their cries as if her ears were going to stop.

They were crying and laughing together in the forest, when she went there she saw the shadow of a moon coming towards her, the strong storm was causing the trees to shake and shake the ground from their nerves.

In a kind of beautiful language, she reached the voice of the shadow saying, “Then you are destroyed and what is inside you, you are destroyed by the plants that are inside you.” She didn’t stop and started to feel something following her feet! At the same time, she heard a kind of moaning.

She knelt down there and crouched, immediately a kind of cry of Babies mixed with the cry of a Donkey began to shake the corners of the forest as if it was going to be torn in two. Slowly the babies started crawling and crawling like millet cakes. Despite her situation, she did not stop her from trying to save her life, but I am! The birth approached the bed and the baby fell.

He slowly followed all the places where the blood was poured and licked him and the rest of his fellow Babies, like those who were in the circle of a secret society. Raihan, who was kneeling, quickly jumped up like a woman who had been hit by lead water, trying to get up and immediately fell down. Just as Kura was thirsty for meat, they attacked Mabiyya before they finished with her.

They looked back at the place where she was standing, like the children of Birrai, they started jumping and touching her body until God gave them success to climb her body. At one point they started to lick her body, she screamed like crazy but none of them showed signs of stopping. From there her foot saw the Baby that came out of her body following the blood of her foot and licking it. She screamed madly and mentioned her mother’s name as if she was being robbed of her life.

She wakes up in shock, she is relieved as if she has won a running race, her body is shaking like a hare, she sweats like she is in front of a blacksmith.

“Bless you and have a long life.” She didn’t stop to hear Mama Uwani’s words in her head. She quickly looked up and looked at her until her body was shaking, then she leaned against the wall of the bed and closed her eyes, sighing and said, “Mother, Father.”

Fictional Story

Book compiler

The book title ,is compile by Mr HausaEbooks


This novel is a fiction and not real. Therefore, I don’t allow anyone to rewrite or change anything in this novel. Anyone who removes my name or adds anything without my permission.


Just to let you Know that all musics files appeared or discovered on our website are from third Party sites, so we dont owned or controlled them we only shared them by link, the only internal files we shared is Ebook, to know more about our policy pls see our Privacy Policy page.

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Author’s Contact

  • Name : Ameera Adam
  • Wattpad Handle : @
  • Nick Name : Ameera Adam
  • Whatsapp Number : 07062062624
  • Nationality : Nigeria
  • Email :
  • Group :

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