The 2022 NECO results is out

 The 2022 NECO results is out

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The 2022 NECO results is out

The 2022 National Examination council NECO results is out. News came to us on 29t Sebtember 2022 that the results of the West African Examination Council WAEC written in the months of June/july are out, the Senior secondary certificate examination (SSCE) written by Nigerian school students is out now everyone among them  can check thier result through  phone online or SMS, or they can go to the nearest cafe to check there.

Intro about The 2022 NECO results is out

In this post we explain step by step on how you can check your neco result by yourself, in two ways. Online and SMS, as many people are complaining and asking questions about how to check their neco result easily, many people think that it is a big task but it is an easy thing which is the reason why we made this post. We will inform you about the result and show you how to check the result by yourself.

Hello, this post is to make it easier for you on how to check your neco result easily on the neco portal, because all your data and information is already there on the neco portal, just log in and check your result.

Maybe one of you is on the other side asking how to check his neco result, tell him to calm down because this post has already covered everything on how to check neco result online and offline.

And you are aware that neco result can be checked even if you didn’t use token card, I know you will be surprised. Stop wondering because you need your neco examination number once you enter the neco portal it will show you your result.

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Some NECO Result Checking FAQs

Is the Neco result for 2022 out?

Yes it is Out

When is the result out

On 29th Sebtember 2022

Who is eligible to check the result

Any candidate that sat the Examination is eligible to check the result

Can i check the result online

Yes you can through their portal.

Can i check tge result offline

Yes you can through SMS

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How to check Neco 2022 result offline using SMS

Below i will explain on how to check 2022 june/july neco result in an easy way using SMS system, just make sure you posses mobile device and follow the below instructions.

On your Mobile device enter SMS and type *NECO*Your Exam Numbre*Your Pin*The Exam Year* and send to 32327. Immediately after you send it neco system would automatically send you a message that contain your neco  result details.

Kindly know that only MTN,Airtel and glo support this neco SMS result checking, it’s must and mandatory for you have any one above the mention simcard, as they are the one support the system. Some time there would be an error in which you would not received the neco message instantly if this happen, just keep repeating the steps untill you received the message.

As i mention above in the pin field, you are suppose to enter your token card details / pin as it’s as your PIN, but if you have your examination card with you kindly check the front cover at the right side you will see your PIN and seriel number  that come directly with your Examination card.

But if you have used your examination card PIN five times, you exceed the pin limits, you have to purchase another token card, in order to check your neco result.

How to check neco 2022 result online through neco result checking portal.

Above, I have explained how to check neco result offline and we will now explain step by step on how to check neco result online through the neco result checking portal.

It has been a long time since the results of the neco exam have been checked online through the neco result checking portal and every year it is also checked there, so like every year this year neco has uploaded the information of the candidate who took the neco exam on their neco result checking portal.

And also at the neco result checking portal, you must have a token card or scratch card and then you can check your neco result, so you must have your examination number and serial number before you can check your neco result.

Below are steps you need to follow in order to check your neco 2022 result  online

First you have to visits the neco result checking portal using this address https://result.neco.gov.ng/

  1. Step 1

    visit neco result checking portal

  2. Step 2

    Choose your Exam type from june/July and November/December.

  3. Step 3

    Select your EXAMINATION TYPE. i.e. SSCE Internal (Jun/Jul) Or SSCE External (Nov/Dec)

  4. Step 4

    Insert your token / pin number

  5. Step 5

    Enter your Examination Number in the examination field provided

Here is the steps on how to check neco 2022 result online using neco result checking portal.

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