Step by step on how to check your name on Nigerian Navy shortlist 2022 batch 34

 Step by step on how to check your name on Nigerian Navy shortlist 2022 batch 34

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In this post, we have explained in details the steps by steps to to check the Nigerian NAVY shortlisted list released by the Nigeria NAVY board recently to know if you are among those who will go to the screening exercise this time.

The Nigerian Navy shortlist released by the navy board contains the names of the people that it has determined will go to the exam this time, if you found your name in it, you are in it and if you don’t found your name in, then you have to wait for Nigeria Supplemantry list.

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This post will guide you on how to check your name in the Nigeria navy shortlist batch 34 2022, whether you are one of those who have the opportunity to write the exam or not, please be informed that it is the Nigeria NAVY board themselves that have released this shortlist on their official portal.

Is Nigeria Navy Shortlist Candidate batch 34 Out

Yes, as I explained earlier, the Nigerian Navy has released the shortlisted candidates who have successfully accept their application and they will conduct a screening exercise for them this time. hurry up please and visit the Joinnigerianavy portal and check or follow the steps that we will explain to you below on how to check your name if you are one of the shortlisted candidates.

How to check your name on Nigeria Navy shortlist candidate batch 34

How to find out if your name is among the shortlisted candidates of the navy, hurry up go to their portal and download the shortlisted PDF and check your name. If you don’t see your name, don’t worry, just wait for the Nigerian Navy supplementary list to come out and check it there.

How to check the your name on Nigerian Navy shortlisted lists of 2022

Here is the step by step guidance on how to check your if your name is on Nigerian Navy shortlisted candidate of year 2022, just calm your mind and follow the steps precaunally.

  1. visit Nigerian Navy Portal, www.joinnigeriannavy.com.
  2. Login with your Application ID
  3. Navigate to Shortlisted Candidates
  4. Click on Check Names.
  5. A PDF File containing the List of shortlisted names will display.

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