ADON TAFIYA complete hausa novel by Fertymerh xarah

 ADON TAFIYA complete hausa novel by Fertymerh xarah

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ADON TAFIYA complete hausa novel by Fertymerh xarah


You are proceeding to download a love and romantic ADON TAFIYA complete hausa novel by Fertymerh xarah released on 2022 just proceed with your download by following the below instruction.

Book Internal Info



This book is written by Fertymerh xarah better known as Fertymerh xarah I do not create it to offend anyone, or even on the basis of anyone else’s life, this book is a fabrication out of nothing. Its my idea. Also the book is romantic hausa novel

If you see or experience something that interferes with your life or your life, then you have to be patience to me because all human beings are imperfect.


I Fertymerh Xarah the author of this book, ADON TAFIYA complete hausa novel by Fertymerh xarah send thousands of greetings to all my fans, followers and reviewers of my books. Thank you so much for your courage and love for God.

Author’s word

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim

Greetings to



The copy right of this novel ADON TAFIYA hausa novel, belong to only me Fertymerh xarah, I don’t agree to any one by any means to change, rewrite or manipulated my novel any way, let alone upload it on youtube without my permission. Doing so is a big mistake because it can cause a person trouble so be careful.

Book Introduction

Fictional Story

Book compiler

The book title ,is compile by Mr HausaEbooks


ADON TAFIYA hausa novel is a fiction and not real. Therefore, I Fertymerh xarah don’t allow anyone to rewrite or change anything in this novel. Anyone who removes my name or adds anything without my permission.

Some of Fatee Novels

Below are few of Fertymerh Xarah novels that we upload in this site, beware that those are not only her novels, as we specified that these are the one’s we upload to our site.

Among them there are free one’s and paid one’s and there are complete.


Kindly click the below button to download, pls in case you get trouble trying to download kindly drop a comment.

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Author’s Contact

  • Name : Fertymerh xarah
  • Wattpad Handle : Fertymerh xarah
  • Nick Name : Fertymerh xarah
  • Whatsapp Number :
  • Nationality : Nigeria
  • Email :
  • Group : Alheri Writers Association

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