A man raped a three-year-old girl causing her death

 A man raped a three-year-old girl causing her death

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A man raped a three-year-old girl causing her death

We got a disturbing story from the page of lawyer Abba Hikima. This story has really upset us where a big man raped a three-year-old girl until she lost her life.

how Siyama was raped

Siyama died on Thursday 29-09- 2022 at about 4 o’clock in the evening due to the rape of the accused one Idi (Baba Idi) aged about 40 years and above, living in Lungun Alhaji Halliru in Gama area, Nassarawa local government. Due to the rape  last Tuesday.

About six days ago, Idi took Siyama to his room and gave her candy where he sexually assaulted her and threatened her that if she told her father, he would kill her with a pair of scissors and join her with cat of their house to eat her. As he know her fear of cat.  she described to us how he put a pair of scissors on her neck and said he would cut her with it if she told her uncle.

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After she came home, her clothes were removed, she was bathed and blood was seen coming out of her body. When asked what happened to her, she said, “it was baba idi that he’s doing me something . even today he took off my pants and gave me sweets and he said if I told my father he will kill me, Ummah, please don’t tell Abba.” She was then taken to the hospital where the doctors confirmed ‘Penetration’ and told the ways to take care of her health.

After the security forces arrested him, he was taken to CID while giving a statement and he was brought out with an anchor, she saw him confused and panicked saying “Umma he said he will kill me with scissors, why did you tell Abba? he will kill me and he will kill me. With cat. 

from there the fever caught her, they brought her back home, until the next morning when she died she was repeatedly saying he  will kill me with scissors.

Today is the third day of Siyama’s death as a result of the oppression and violence that this cursed God did to her, may God forgive her because she is the savior of her parents and may God protect the Ummah from the evil of people like him so he reaps what he sows.

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